Summer School on Discrimination in Budapest

The Morality of Discrimination


COURSE DIRECTORS: Andres Moles (Central European University, Budapest, Hungary) and Tom Parr (University of Essex, UK)

FACULTY: Désirée Lim (The Pennsylvania State University, USA); Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen (Aarhus Universitat, Denmark); Andrew Mason (The University of Warwick, UK); Gina Schouten (Harvard University, USA)

This one-week course will have three parts. First, we will spend one day surveying competing accounts of the wrongness of discrimination so as to familiarise students with existing debates in the philosophical literature. Second, we will spend two days investigating more controversial aspects of discrimination, focusing on discrimination in our private lives and on appearance-based discrimination. Third, we will spend two days evaluating various policy responses to wrongful discrimination, exploring the justifiability of affirmative action and of various policy responses to gender discrimination and the gendered division of labour.

This course has two distinctive merits. The first is that we will expose students to cutting-edge research from an assembly of world-class philosophers of the morality of discrimination. The second is that we address issues of enormous political concern, and so we will equip students with the transferable analytical skills to scrutinise policies that emerge in this domain.


For further academic information on the course and on eligibility criteria and funding options please visit the website at


CEU Summer University
Nador utca 9
1051 Budapest


tel: (36 1) 327 3811


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